Ricardo villalobos - n-dra - Ricardo Villalobos - RA: Resident Advisor

1. Deploy your instance using the 201-vm-winrm-windows quick start ARM template located here . It creates a self signed certificate and configures all the firewall rules to accept HTTP and HTTPS connections in ports 5895 and 5896 (required by WinRM / Remote Powershell). You are done.

Until , a period when most other Londoners are walking dogs, burping babies and pondering an elaborate fry-up, the dancefloor remains packed for what is one of the great techno pilgrimages: an early-morning set from Chilean-born DJ and producer Ricardo Villalobos. He has been on since 6am, and is now vogueing happily around the Fabric booth, long arms reaching this way and that as he pulls together a set of extraordinary, often contradictory grooves. Around the minimal techno he is known for, there are bits of flute, salsa rhythms, a commanding edit of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax, and a 10-minute stretch of ultra-slow dub.

Ricardo Villalobos - N-DRARicardo Villalobos - N-DRARicardo Villalobos - N-DRARicardo Villalobos - N-DRA